423kidk – Never Going Back


Never Going Back encompasses 423kidk’s life experience to date of heartbreak, pain and struggle. As well as his continuous journey towards peace, happiness and success. Never Going Back is a moving body of art that provides the listener an inside look at 423kidk’s life and musical evolution.

423kidk started writing this album in 2020 after leaving his hometown of Chattanooga, TN. He was going through life, family and girl troubles and felt like it was only the right thing for his growth as a person and his music career. 423kidk felt that he had nothing to lose and no-one to disappoint. He faced many obstacles and hurdles along the way. Including being unemployed and homeless. After living and working out of his car for several months, he was able to relocate successfully to Los Angeles, California. Where he found stability and would focus on his goals and dreams for his musical career. Finally surrounded by likeminded people, his real growth began. 423kidk has learned many lessons along this journey. This is for the ones who counted me out.

Never Going Back was written and recorded in Blue Ridge, Atlanta, and Savannah, Ga, as well as Los Angeles, California.


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