Dorzi is from the north of England and is one of the founding members of Blacked Out Criminals AKA Boccle
The unique vocal style that Dorzi brings showcases his natural ability to flow line after line about everyday life, with a comic twist.

Dorzi first came to the publics attention when he was seen by millions of TV viewers on the Channel 4 documentary KIDS KNIVES AND BROKEN LIVES, which highlighted the social issues of the gang culture developing in the UK in todays society. His words and persona played down a topic which was being glorified by the media whilst at the same time highlighting the seriousness of the problem.

Known for his energetic live performances Dorzi has appeared at many of the northern bassline events such as The Boiler House and Casaloco to name a few . He has also performed at the massive MOVEMENT festival twice in which he performed to a crowd of 5000 people.

Arguably the best lyricist in his home town of Bradford, Dorzi has been the influence and inspiration of many of the younger up and coming M.C.’s by either directly or indirectly influencing the styles of many through his bassline collaborations with Tom Zanetti and the Bad Boy Chiller Crew to his own hip hop influenced songs ” Bonnie & Clyde ” and “You and I “. Dorzi is one of only a few individuals who can be honestly described as excelling in many areas of music.