Currently a guitarist for EDM artist 4nzek and an independent musician, producer and songwriter, Sammi Starlight has drawn influence from many artists including the work of Jacky Vincent, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Gabe Pietrzak, Polyphia and Pierre Danel.

She enjoys playing in many different settings with many different genres from jazz to “djent” and even extending into pop and folk music.

“When I was younger growing up in and around Boston, my dad would take me to and from school and appointments and play James Taylor and John Mayer in the car. I remember thinking that I really loved the guitar and that was the spark that really peaked my curiosity. I’m my mid and later teens I was sent to a number of boarding schools. I didn’t much interact with others but stayed in my room studying guitar and learning Iron Maiden and Metallica covers. A friend introduced me to bands like Black Veil Brides and Falling In Reverse. These bands were just about getting started around that time so it was early work. I remember being completely obsessed with Falling In Reverse. I loved the guitar solos. After getting out of school and bouncing around a number groups I decided to find a guitar teacher. I sought out Falling in Reverse guitarist Jacky Vincent. I found him and he gave me lessons. I went from good to really really good. Now I produce and write my own music and write for others”

When she is not writing, recording or playing she enjoys spending time with her various pets, working on computers and SCUBA diving around the world.