Kyle is 423kidk

423kidk was born in Germany while his mom was stationed overseas. 423kidk currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. He developed his love for music at an early age in his hometown of Ringgold, Ga. 423kidk started free styling in high school, developing his skills as an artist while also wrestling and playing football. He recorded his first track junior year, and it felt like a natural fit. The tragic death of 423kidk’s mother caused him to realize that life is too short and has him motivated to chase his dreams. Though the loss of his mother weighs on his heart heavily, 423kidk remains positive and wants to show the world that dreams are possible if you stay motivated and work hard. 423kidk wants to give people hope through his music, excite them, and spread love around the world. “My goals are to make music and do what I love for a living, and I won’t stop until I make that possible.”

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