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Philadelphia native and electronic music artist, 4nzek, is excited to announce the release of his new single, “Catastrophe”, on October 22nd, 2021. 4nzek’s goal while creating Catastrophe was to successfully encapsulate his personal take on the “emo-bass” concept. Producing the drop section weeks before even starting to produce the other portions of Catastrophe.

The elusive Philadelphia native, who prefers to go unnamed, has had a love for music since the age of four. His parents signed him up for piano lesson where he learned classical piano and music theory. Soon he developed a passion for singing and songwriting that is still very strong today. 4nezk followed the drive to create and he began producing music, working with sound engineering, and even writing his own songs.

4nzek’s musical focuses have shifted over the years; from Pop Punk, to Metal, to his now focus on Melodic Dubstep and Future Bass. Listening to his work over the past several years in the Dubstep and Future Bass genres, it’s hard to imagine that he used to front bands. But the world is thoroughly enjoying the transition 4nzek made to artist and producer.

“I want to create music that sounds different and stands out to people. I want to keep refining my sound until it is uniquely mine. And possibly even create a whole new genre of music.”

4nzek’s new single, “Catastrophe” is available worldwide as of October 22nd. It’s available for purchase on Bandcamp, Beatport and Junodownload , as well as available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

To learn more about the new single and where to find it, click here.

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